Basic 3D Microblading Training

Basic 3D Microblading Training Course  in Yangon, Myanmar

By HienTran Permanent Makeup Specialist – Folia Brows Art & Beauty (Yangon)

Basic 3D Microblading  Course  have been created in order to offer you the best knowledge and skills about 3D Microblading Eyebrows

The Theory Topics of the Course:

  • Safety, sanitation, and client consultation
  • Basic knowledge of 3D Microblading Eyebrows
  • Ink retention
  • Using Measuring App and Compass to measure and draw eyebrow shape according to the Golden Ratio
  • Ink reaction on skin during and after Microblading
  • Understanding skin
  • understanding ink and its retention
  • Technique to correctly deliver ink into skin
  • Usage of anesthetics
  • Correct after care
  • Fixing Microblading

Practical skills:

  • Shaping on practice skin and on live models
  • Learn the correct stroke pattern on practice skin
  • Practice on live models under direct supervision of Master

The course’s price is $ 1000 including 01 Starter Kit

  1. Set of Pigment (3 microblading pigments)
  2. 10 Brush disposable tool
  3. 1 Golden Ratio Divider.
  4. 20 Disposable pigment ring
  5. 2 Brows pencil
  6. 20 Latex skin to practice
  7. 1 Barrier film
  8. 20 packs of after care Cream


You are required to bring 1 models for practicing.

After course, students will receive Certificate of Attendant. After that, students will have to do homework and send  in online support group.

Please Register now

Text Message: ‎(+95) 9766.888.666 (Viber/Zalo)

Inbox fanpage:


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