Shading Eyeliner

Shaded eyeliner can be used to create a gorgeous smokey shadow effect that will look perfect every day, whether you’re at work, at home or going out. Did you really think that pencil and liquid eyeliners had cornered the market on smudgy, casual eyeliner style?

Thanks to specialist training, we can help you achieve your perfect eyeliner look, and one that will never run, smudge unwantedly or slip out of place at an inopportune moment. Talk to us about any of our amazing shaded tattoo eyeliner treatments, including:

  • Smokey eye: We use a black shade to give depth to the eyeliner, and gradually shade it out from the corner to give a breath taking, smoky, sexy look. Never again rely on your finger, your brush or your self-control to create a salon smokey look again.
  • Butterfly effect: Make hearts skip a beat with butterfly effect semi-permanent eyeliner. Draw attention to your most significant assets, and get noticed wherever you go. This shape is so hard to apply yourself, but with our help you can flash it every single day.

New Shading Eyeliner Price – 150$

Some examples of New Shading Eyeliner


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