Lately, it seems all we can talk and/or think about are brows, brows, brows. Whether it’s how to shape them, grow them or fill them in, our minds (and Pinterest boards) are completely consumed with this very important facial feature. And, while the full, bold brow look is making everyone invest in brow kits and pencils, we have to say, the trend can sometimes be taken to the extreme. At the end of the day, brows should look natural and subtle and not like we took a Sharpie to them. So, how do you know when you’ve gone overboard? We consulted with makeup queen Marygene Rose on how to gauge your brow game and steer clear of “too bold” territory. Check out her tips!

eyebrows in Yangon

Go Natural

For subtle, naturally full brows go light on the products says Rose. “My favorite thing to do is use a dry, powder eye shadow or brow product that’s a bit softer than my brow color,” she says. “Brush the inner corners of the brows upward. And, once you hit the arch, brush to the side.” Try  Urban Decay Brow Box for this natural look and follow these tips on how to fill in your brows like a pro.

Get a Little Bold (Just a Little!)

If you want to give your brows a boost, it’s best to take a gentle approach. Rose suggests contouring the brow (yes, contouring) by lightly filling in the middle section, the arch and the tail. Gently brush out the brow so the color is blended in well. Use a waxy, brow product for a slightly more dramatic brow.

“Too Bold” Territory

If your brows are a deep, dark and uniform shade or if they’re about two sizes larger than your natural brow shape, you know you’ve gone too far. Do NOT fill in the entire brow with a pencil or wax product, as this will result in that phony brow look that no one wants to rock. Stick to the methods above for a naturally enhanced brow that won’t leave you looking like a clown! And, if you find yourself going overboard and getting pencil-happy with your brows, it’s not too late to reverse the damage. Rose suggests using a concealer brush to wipe away any mistakes or overdrawn lines/borders. It’s also a good tool to use to define your brow shape.

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