About us

Hien Tran graduated at the top of her class from Hanoi University of Industrial Arts. More than 15 years expierice in design, she has always had an good eye for make-up and fashion.

Hien Tran has been trained and certified by the world’s most prestigious Permanent Makeup Academy in the world Phibrow Academy.  Since then, Hien Tran established Folia Brows and Beauty Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam, provided microblading and permanent makeup services. She specialize in European Style beauty treatments from Phibrows microblading to Russia Style Brows, Lips Shading.
After 2 years working an eyebrows artist, she moved to Myanmar and opened Folia Brows and Beauty Studio in Yangon. HienTran went on to become the 1st Phibrows Artist in Myanmar. She has performed well in excess of 100 microblading procedures for Myanmar’s client.

Hien Tran says:

I’m proud to be the first Phibrows Artist in Myanmar, continuing to do what I know and love.

Call the Folia Brows and Beauty at 09766.888.666 today (or text that number) to make an appointment with Hien Tran Artist


Our Guarantee

Since the result will vary from client to client, we take all possible precautions to ensure the best result.
• Phibrows artists use proprietary techniques and instruments, as well as top quality products that enhance the results of their work.
• Clean and Sanitized Environment inspected.
• Single use sterilized and disposable microblades, needle cartridges, and handles
• Proper hand sanitization prior to procedure, and use of disposable gloves during procedure
• High quality pigments that do not contain any quantities of heavy metals and are not allergenic
• Pigments are not tested on animals.
• Eyebrows’ symmetry has been determined using digital Phibrows Application, and approved by client before proceeding.